SEO services

SEO services

What it is?

This is a set of measures to improve your site under the standards of the search engine and its issuance.

In turn, the issuance is a kind of rating of companies, in which the first 3 sites are market leaders, the most successful, and visited. Improve the position of your site!

Why do you need SEO?
SEO services
Why do you need SEO?
The more people visit your site, the more effective it is for business. Only 2% of users go further than the first page of the search results, so only one position can significantly increase traffic! Our goal is to bring your site to the TOP-3.
    When will my site be on the TOP?
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  1. 1
    Start of technical optimization, the project is brought to the requirements of search engines. Eliminate ranking factors
  2. 2
    A web analytics system has been set up, and texts have been posted. The first low-frequency queries go to the top
  3. 3
    /4 months
    The first results in the growth of site visibility and attendance. A lot of low-frequency queries come to the top
  4. 5
    Some of the mid-frequency queries go to the top, thanks to which you can count on a stable increase in requests from the site
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  • External optimization
  • Site loading speed
  • Technical condition of the site
  • Usability metrics
  • Internal optimization
In addition to the main work
  • Implementation of the technical part of Front/Back
    Search engines "love" fast sites with "clean" code. The key to successful promotion is the correction of all errors from the technical side. This is a fundamental step in SEO.
  • Writing reviews and purchasing links
    If the content is useful, it is referred to and discussed - the position of the site grows. To achieve this organically and "from scratch" is almost impossible. Here "eternal links" and work with reviews come to the rescue.
  • SEO text writing and content
    There are rules for the content that is posted on the site. It should be useful for the visitor and have a certain structure and content. Our professional copywriters are working on its creation.
  • Working with the behavioral factor
    The behavioral factor is all kinds of user actions on your site. They are analyzed by search engines and have a high ranking weight. Our task is to improve these indicators as much as possible.
  • Design fixes and improvements
    "Beautiful picture" - that's what the user pays attention to when they visit your site for the first time. This is an emotional effect. Do not let the visitor leave disappointed - this is a "wake-up call" for Google.
Shall we discuss your project?
Shall we discuss your project?
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Our certificates

Our certificates

Results in numbers
Results in numbers

The higher your site is in the search results, the more visitors it has. Accordingly, its benefits for your business increase significantly. We believe that any business is unique, and we work hard on each project, refusing template solutions. Therefore, our clients receive only high-quality and effective promotions.

How effective is it? This question is best answered by our clients who have already experienced the benefits of SEO and left positive reviews.

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    clients who increased their sales
    SEO promotion is an investment that will put your business on a new footing.
  • 0%
    those who work with us for more than a year
    It makes absolutely no sense to refuse something that increases sales at times.
  • 0
    promote keywords in the top 3
    Each request is not a number. This is at least one purchase, one more client, and new income.
  • 0%
    average traffic growth
    Higher attendance means more sales. The math is simple and the numbers never lie.
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Let's move on to action

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Be useful to know

We will develop a strategy that will bring you to the top

The task of any entrepreneur is to lead the business to prosper and ensure an increase in sales and growth of profits. To reach the target audience, many businessmen launch their projects on the Internet.

It is in the network that users are actively looking for the goods of interest with services, and even when they make the final decision to buy in a real store, they first still study information about the company, its location, and product features directly on the website.

However, if users find it difficult to find you on the Internet, there is no point in working and maintaining the resource. To traffic of the project is constantly growing, you should order SEO promotion in the search engine Google.

We are talking about a universal tool to promote the online store, corporate, and any other website. Our SEO agency provides services of resource extraction in TOP, which leads to stable growth of conversion of visitors to buyers.

Business promotion - the success of any company

Almost all traffic of small and medium-sized businesses comes from organic issuance. Efficient promotion of resources allows them to be better indexed in search engines and occupy high positions, which, when using SEO, affects the increase of client flow.

Competent optimization is needed for the project to start coming interested users who need your products with SEO services.

SEO promotion has proven to be a profitable marketing investment that results in high returns when using landing or multi-page websites. SEO optimization increases the productivity of the website and the business as a whole. Many entrepreneurs from different regions and countries have already been able to see its advantages:

  1. The rapid expansion of the customer base. In the first positions, the chances of attracting visitors are significantly increased.
  2. Interaction with interested audiences. People who visit a resource on a specific search query are interested in a specific product and are likely to buy it.
  3. Customer Confidence. SEO promotion provides a high position, which is comparable to prestigious urban areas. People automatically perceive companies in the center of mega-cities as successful. The same associations arise with websites in TOPE, which lead to search lists.
  4. Savings on advertising. Of course, SEO - is always a financial investment, but the price of this service in the future pays faster than standard advertising.

Our team performs optimization so that projects are better indexed in search engines by search words and meet their requirements. As a result, it is possible to quickly withdraw websites in the TOP, for example, Google, which leads to a confident increase in the potential of their business.

Effective marketing, ahead of modern trends

Promotion of websites from our team turnkey is guaranteed achievement of the declared result in the shortest possible time. You will have the opportunity to personally monitor how the work is carried out at each stage, having read the detailed report on the progress.

Individually for each customer, we will offer an efficient scheme of website promotion to increase its efficiency. First, we set up the project to meet the requirements of search engines.

Next, we move on to internal optimization. After 3 months the first results are visible, and after another 2 months, you can expect a significant increase in traffic.

One of our main advantages, which attracts customers, is the perfect ratio of price and quality of professional SEO services. Also, we are ready to offer:

  • certified Google professionals are working on the project;
  • the target audience is attracted exclusively by «white» methods, so the resource will not exactly fall under the sanctions of search engines;
  • three months after the beginning of cooperation you will notice how strengthened the position of your project is;
  • the cost of the service fully justifies itself and does not have a huge impact on the budget.

Do you dream of successful business, sales growth, and stable profit? With efficient, up-to-date, and comprehensive marketing solutions, our team will ensure the efficient promotion of Google websites, leading to key search results positions.

Answers to the most popular questions

    The cost of SEO promotion is formed individually ☝️ for each site and depends on many factors, for example, the quality of its optimization, current positions in the search, the country and region of promotion, the theme of the site, etc. To calculate the cost for your site, write to us ✏️ or leave a request.


    Everything is very simple ✅ While we are working on the site, you take the first positions in the search. As soon as work stops, competitors, taking advantage of this, begin to overtake you. SEO is a kind of competition in which you need to work constantly and hard to keep the competitor behind. Our goal is not just to bring your site to the ⚡️TOP 10, but to keep you in the lead all the time.


    ❗️Contextual advertising gives results as long as you pay for it. SEO, on the other hand, is hard work for the future. The advantage of SEO is that even with a complete stop of all work, most of the result is saved and you can continue to receive new orders and applications ✉️ These 2 types of advertising are significantly different, but they work effectively in pairs, complementing and strengthening each other ☝️


    A whole team of specialists ✌️ consisting of 8 people will work on promoting your site: a project manager, an SEO optimizer, a copywriter, a link builder, a designer, a programmer, a tester, and a usability specialist. Each of them is a professional in their field and together we will bring your site to the top of the search results ❤️