About the project

About the project

  • LAZURIT company, which sells upholstered and cabinet furniture, has applied to us for the service of SEO promotion of their online store.

    After analyzing the sphere of activity, competitors who were already in TOP, and the site itself, we started work. After 7 months the traffic of the site increased 19 times or rather 1932%. In the Google search engine, 64% of key queries were in the TOP 10, and the conversion rate increased by 500%. This is the result that the customer expected to get for 1 year of promotion, but we managed to significantly reduce these terms, as our work is focused solely on the result. It should also note that only "white" methods of promotion were used in the work ☝️
  • Type of site: E-Commerce
  • Task: Increase the number of targeted traffic on the site
  • lazurit.com

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