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What can we do?
What can we do?

Find a "flavor" in each project, around which the entire future site is built.


We create and promote websites. This means that we will not leave you halfway, but will lead you along a shaky bridge to the end: from creating a prototype to accepting orders.

What can we do?

Find a "flavor" in each project, around which the entire future site is built.

This is a magnet that causes burning interest in the eyes of your customers and attracts their attention.

We create and promote websites. This means that we will not leave you halfway, but will lead you along a shaky bridge to the end: from creating a prototype to accepting orders.


5 reasons why you should choose us!

  1. Approach from the other side
    Your company is an individual creation. She deserves special attention, not a "standard approach"
  2. We create solutions
    We combine strategic marketing and creative solutions to create a product that is ahead of the competition
  3. Inspire
    Entrepreneurs build their business where their customers are - online. Offices and shops with a schedule until 17:00 are the past
  4. We solve business problems
    We do not just create and promote websites but solve the business problems of our clients
  5. Digital strategy
    We put forward ideas, test theories, and create effective strategies for the development of your company on the Web
Let's move on to action
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Let's move on to action

To create a hit-the-mark product, let's get to know each other a little better!

A short brief questionnaire will allow us to better understand the specifics of your business and form a quality proposal. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete!

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Be useful to know

Turn your idea into a real business

Website for business - an effective tool that allows you to successfully go to your goal. It helps to increase sales, attract the target audience, to disseminate information about the new brand, product, or service.

But is every website able to do good for you? It needs to be not only developed but also configured correctly. Who will do it, you decide?

Choosing a team is a responsible process that determines the further development of your business. Now you can find many companies, but when choosing it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • existence of successful projects and their number;
  • use of effective tools and legal tools in promotion;
  • feedback from real customers;
  • whether specialists perform complex work on the website.

We meet these requirements and have all the necessary resources and knowledge so that you can evaluate the work of our team.

The result of the project is the right company

The main mistake of most websites - is the lack of strategy. They are not able to solve business tasks and increase revenue. When developing and promoting a platform, it is important to carry out several actions aimed at improving the Internet. This is what distinguishes a high-quality web development studio.

Only in this case will it be interesting and useful to the target audience. For you, the optimized website will bring in and increase sales. Our web studio is a real expert in these issues.

To determine the expertise of the team, evaluating web studio services, pay attention to a few more points:

  1. You should speak the same language. No, it is not about Russian, English, or Chinese, but about technical and «normal». You have to understand every word that an employee tells you, or you risk getting the wrong thing. The customer should understand the conduct of his business, not the difference between WordPress and Laravel.
  2. Whether the team is involved in website promotion. It may sound banal, but companies that not only do but also promote websites, consider you as a long-term partner, not a one-time project, which fundamentally changes expectations and aspirations. A creative agency website that provides holistic maintenance of the website, will be your business assistant for a long time.
  3. Successful cases. Every successful team has projects that they are proud of. Take the time to familiarize yourself with them. It is likely that in one of their clients, you will see a reflection of your own goals.

All this and much more you will find in CAVA STUDIO. We carry out complex work, allowing us to make the website an effective tool in business, using the best technical solutions and perfect design.

Cava Studio - the birthplace of creative ideas

The experience and knowledge of our employees allow us to develop revolutionary solutions that change the traditional idea of web development. Our website studio can develop such products and ensure their maintenance so that your company or organization will be the best and most successful.

Our web dev studio will help:

  • Bring your product to digital. From scratch. From planning and testing theories to getting online orders.
  • Analyze the potential of your business in the Network, identify risks, and develop an effective strategy.
  • In a short time increase the attendance of the website, through proper SEO optimization and professional promotion.

Ordering a turnkey website from us is an important decision in taking your business to a new level. Unconventional thinking helps us to look at problems from another perspective and find unexpected solutions. Do you need to develop a website from scratch and bring it to the TOP? Our team will do a great job!

Answers to the most popular questions

    You can safely leave a request ✉️ on our website without having a ready technical task with you. After discussing the details of the project and identifying your needs, taking into account all your wishes, we will compile it for you as part of the development of the site. ☝️ If the technical task is drawn up clearly and in detail, we will understand the tasks assigned to us. So, the result will satisfy both you and us.


    Of course ✅ Moreover, we are not limited by time frames, but provide project support indefinitely. You can at any time, after the development of your site, contact us for any adjustments or advice.❗️IMPORTANT: tech support means troubleshooting the site elements or functionality that were provided for in the technical tasks. ☝️ If after the development of the site you want to add new visual or functional elements, this is considered a separate front of work, which is also evaluated separately.


    No problem ✅ We deal with both individual types of work, such as design, front-end, integration with CMS, writing or translating text, as well as complex turnkey website development. When implementing a separate stage of work, we will contact your specialists and discuss all the technical issues ☝️ so that their further work is as comfortable and productive as possible. To discuss your task, write to us ✏️ or leave a request.


    Of course ✌️ When ordering the «development + promotion» complex, you will receive a nice discount from us. The size of the discount is discussed individually and depends on the type of site you choose and the method of promotion. We will make our cooperation not only efficient and convenient but also beneficial for you ❤️ Leave a request ✉️ and we will calculate the discount amount for your project.