Corporate website

Corporate website

What it is?

A corporate website is a full-fledged representation of a company on the Internet. This is the "face" of your business on the web.

Form the right image, and people will talk about you, and millions will fall in love with your company. Invest in the name of your business!

Why do you need it?
Corporate website
Why do you need it?
A corporate website is needed by all companies, regardless of the type of activity. For those who think about development and scaling every morning. This is a site that will delight customers, and loudly announce your business to the whole world. Would you dare to do it?
    What will you get?
  1. Company image
    It is up to you to decide what customers will say about you, and what competitors will envy. Create your company name. Your unique image.
  2. Customer trust
    You will be trusted, you will be recommended. Let customers know the truth - why they need you. Then they will believe.
  3. Business tool
    A website is a source of an unlimited flow of new and loyal customers. It will open up an opportunity to promote your brand online.
  4. Unique design
    Give people emotions, and let them enjoy your uniqueness. Then they will believe in you and forget about competitors.
  5. Adaptive interface
    Visitors will be able to comfortably view your site from any device. Show you care about your customers.
Shall we discuss your project?
Shall we discuss your project?
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Development stages
Development stages
your site
High-quality implementation of each of the listed stages is a guarantee of the success of your entire project.
  • Receipt of an order
    Leave a request and our manager will contact you shortly
  • Identification of need
    We will discuss all the details of the project, take into account the wishes and draw up a technical task
  • Site structure
    We will develop the site structure, its logic, and the prototype of each page
  • Web design
    We will create a unique design according to the latest trends and technologies
  • Adaptive layout
    We will produce an adaptive and cross-browser layout according to the finished design
  • Integration with CMS
    We will connect the finished layout to the CMS for further site management
  • Adding content
    We will prepare and add “delicious” and unique content to your website
  • Testing and transfer
    We will carefully test the site for "bugs" and transfer it to your server
Results in numbers
Results in numbers

A corporate website is a marketer and an image-maker rolled into one. It attracts customers and creates the image of your company in the network. We believe that any business is unique, and we work hard on each project, refusing template solutions. Therefore, our customers receive only a high-quality and effective product.

How effective is it? This question is best answered by our clients who have already experienced all the benefits of a corporate website and left pleasant feedback.

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    Sites implemented
    Colossal experience has taught us to create the best corporate websites in any niche.
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    Satisfied customers
    Satisfied customers are not statistics. These are people whom our site has helped in the business.
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    Return of investment
    Website development is an investment. And the effectiveness of an investment is measured in terms of its payback.
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    Spheres of directions
    It's hard to surprise us. We have worked with many areas of business, and we know what to do.
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Be useful to know

Your online business face will be spotless

In today’s reality, it is quite difficult to imagine a successful business without its web resource. Any self-respecting company before the opening and the beginning of activity is thinking about the creation of a corporate website that will allow you to launch its representation on the Internet.

This is not surprising, because this resource is a powerful tool for any commercial enterprise that contributes to the rapid and stable development of the network. A good corporate website improves the quality of service and image of any organization.

The small business website development for the company will lead to the fact that your company will become more authoritative in the eyes of the target audience, and most importantly will be an additional source of attracting potential customers. As a result, the conversion will increase, which can be safely called the main goal of any business.

A website that will sell

The quality of the development of a corporate website depends on the image of your organization.

The resource should be a concise and clear display of information about the company, so potential customers can immediately get answers to their questions and make sure of the benefits of cooperation with you. Creation of a corporate website is an opportunity:

  • Timely notification of company employees, partners, and customers about new receipts and shares. Thanks to the regular posting of the news audience, you can follow current events in life and quickly respond to them.
  • Creation of platforms for communication, where visitors receive a public opinion about goods and services and receive informational answers to questions from employees. Potential buyers begin to observe you more confidentially when they see that you are ready to build a direct dialogue with them.
  • Online promotion. The Internet is a real storehouse of sales. With the right approach to promotion and a popular advertising campaign, a new source of customer acquisition appears on the network.

Ordering the development of a corporate website from scratch at an affordable price means taking the first step towards something important, to take advantage of your company and significantly expand its capabilities.

This process must be approached with special responsibility and cooperate exclusively with trusted specialists. Business website development is a very responsible process. Our team will help you realize your most daring ideas and plans, and contribute to the competent development of your business on the Internet.

Let's move your business online

Corporate website development makes it possible to get a high-quality tool for communication with the audience for many years to come. We individually approach each project, guaranteeing:

  1. Reactive design. It will highlight the resource against the background of the template and faceless websites, causing a “wow effect” in visitors, which forms their first positive impression.
  2. Clear interface. An important component of any resource is that allows users to quickly find the information they need. The presence of a pleasant color scheme, a convenient arrangement of elements, and a form of communication perception will have a significant impact on the conversion.
  3. Convenient content management system. With the help of CMS, you can connect new materials and design them.
  4. Stability. The resource will constantly work around the clock. Even an increased load does not lead to errors and battles.

Thus, the creation of a corporate website is possible in the possession of a resource that fully meets the requirements, and wishes and reflects the features of a particular company. Particularly attractive to all customers is that our company produces a high-quality website at an affordable price.

It becomes a continuation of the corporate identity of the organization, inspires confidence among visitors, and begins to strive for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Answers to the most popular questions

    Corporate website development terms are individual for each project. On average it is ⚡️ 5-6 weeks. The timing depends on many factors, for example, the number of pages and blocks, design complexity, volume, the complexity of animation, functionality, etc. Leave a request ✉️ and we will calculate the timing for your project.


    The cost of each project is formed individually and the corporate website is no exception. As well as the timing depends on many factors.❗️Only after discussing and obtaining all the necessary information, we will be able to make an accurate calculation for your site. To calculate the cost, write to us ✏️ or leave a request.


    The choice of management system depends on the functionality and type of your site. We work with many popular CMS ⭐ In most cases, we recommend MODx or WordPress for corporate websites. But ☝ If you have a personal preference, we are ready to use another suitable management system.


    Of course ✅ Our main advantage is that we have a comprehensive approach to solving your problem of attracting customers. We are ready to accompany you from creating a prototype to accepting orders. Moreover, when ordering the "development + promotion" complex, you get a nice discount. Therefore, it is not only convenient but also beneficial for you ✌️