Landing Page

Landing Page

What it is?

Landing Page brings the benefits of your product to the visitor as efficiently as possible. Its main task is to increase conversion.

There is only one page between a potential client and a company, but it can replace an entire sales department!

Why do you need it?
Landing Page
Why do you need it?
Landing Page can be successfully used in absolutely all areas of business. The e-commerce and info business segments are the most obvious beneficiaries. At the same time, it can effectively raise the profile of a company that does not do sales at all.
    What will you get?
  1. Target audience
    An audience that potentially needs your product. Save your advertising budget and don't sell "boots to the shoemaker."
  2. High conversion
    Every visitor to your landing page is not traffic. This is the person who needs to make the purchase. Boost your conversions exponentially.
  3. Selling design
    The graphic elements of your Landing Page will themselves push the visitor to the target action. Nothing extra.
  4. Adaptive interface
    Visitors will be able to comfortably scroll through your landing page from any device — phone, tablet, or PC. Comfort should be in everything.
  5. Aida model
    This is an accepted model of consumer behavior. It allows you to predict the actions of the visitor and use it to your advantage.
Shall we discuss your project?
Shall we discuss your project?
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Development stages
Development stages
your site
High-quality implementation of each of the listed stages is a guarantee of the success of your entire project.
  • Receipt of an order
    Leave a request and our manager will contact you shortly
  • Identification of need
    We will discuss all the details of the project, take into account the wishes and draw up a technical task
  • Site structure
    We will develop the site structure, its logic, and the prototype of each page
  • Web design
    We will create a unique design according to the latest trends and technologies
  • Adaptive layout
    We will produce an adaptive and cross-browser layout according to the finished design
  • Integration with CMS
    We will connect the finished layout to the CMS for further site management
  • Adding content
    We will prepare and add “delicious” and unique content to your website
  • Testing and transfer
    We will carefully test the site for "bugs" and transfer it to your server
Results in numbers
Results in numbers

All elements of the Landing Page - graphics, words, and numbers - are combined into a single mechanism aimed at solving your business problems! We believe that any business is unique, and we work hard on each project, refusing template solutions. Therefore, our customers receive only a high-quality and effective product.

How effective is it? This question is best answered by our clients who have already experienced all the benefits of Landing Page and left positive feedback.

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    Created by landing page
    Our experience is the success of your project. Decide to make the best landing page in your niche.
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    Return of investment
    Your investment in a landing page will quickly pay off, as evidenced by the high ROI.
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    Average conversion (CTR)
    Every tenth visitor to the site will become your buyer. Don't miss the sale!
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    Types of strategies
    The website is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest is a strategy that will put you in the lead.
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Be useful to know

A one-page magnet for your customers

Do you plan to sell a separate product or service, want to tell people about promotions and special offers, hold a competition or want to invite them to the event? In all these cases, the ideal solution is to develop a Landing Page.

This is a one-page resource, which has long been proven as a proven sales tool, attracting customers, competently carrying the offer to the target audience, and leading to an increase in revenue.

Our team offers a service of turn-key landing pages, which will ensure that visitors become buyers, meet your expectations and take the business to a new level.

Every detail is important for the sale

The advantages of this website are that by browsing one page, the eyes of customers pass through it easily and casually, with a special emphasis on figures and arguments that allows visitors to realize the benefits of the order. Thus, landing - is a good way to attract the attention of buyers and promote the sale of goods.

Such a page sells «here and now», not letting the potential client from the computer. If you order a Landing Page development, you can be sure of its other advantages:

  1. Clear targeting of specific target audiences.
  2. Ease of Develop. The web development Landing Page does not take long, so you do not have to wait long to launch your business in the online space.
  3. High conversion compared to other types of websites.
  4. Easy navigation. Visitors are not distracted by unnecessary elements and many sections.
  5. The possibility of using one of the accepted models of consumer behavior. Mostly used AIDA, but other options are available.

Thus, the development of a Landing Page with confidence can be called a modern and relevant solution in the field of web development, aimed at making sales from scratch without a solid investment in the development of the website.

Our team responsibly approaches its work, does not inflate the cost of services for manufacturing, observes deadlines, and necessarily takes into account the requirements, and wishes of customers, to ultimately meet their expectations from mutually beneficial cooperation. Developing a one-page website is a creative process in which both our team and the customer take part.

Landing Page of the future today

Landing Page is an important tool for selling goods and services, and for announcements of events and competitions. That is why the development of a Landing Page needs to trust qualified professionals who have experience in developing such projects. Using our landing page development services, you will be able to count on the landing page with:

  • Selling design. The appearance will inspire trust, and interest, and focus on the main points.
  • Effective structure. The information will be presented consistently, which will help improve the conversion.
  • Alluring text. It will encourage potential customers to take action.
  • User-friendly CSM. Provides an intuitive and convenient administrative panel.
  • Adaptive version. The website will display correctly on any device.

Developing a one-page website is a process that requires a specific approach. We adhere to the principle of perfect price-quality ratio, make maximum efforts and develop creative ideas for the development of an effective landing page that will increase sales, improve the image and increase customer loyalty.

Customers from different regions and countries, having ordered the landings, have already been able to see the professionalism of our team, which individually approaches each project and invests in its soul.


    Landing Page development terms are individual for each project. On average it is ⚡️ 2-3 weeks. The timing depends on many factors, for example, the number of blocks, design complexity, volume, the complexity of animation, functionality, etc. Leave a request ✉️ and we will calculate the timing for your project.


    The cost of each site is formed individually and Landing Page is no exception. As well as the timing depends on many factors.❗️Only after discussing and obtaining all the necessary information, we will be able to make an accurate calculation for your site. To calculate the cost, write to us ✏️ or leave a request.


    The choice of management system depends on the functionality and type of your site. We work with many popular CMS ⭐ In most cases, we recommend MODx or WordPress for Landing Pages. But ☝ If you have a personal preference, we are ready to use another suitable management system.


    Of course ✅ Our main advantage is that we have a comprehensive approach to solving your problem of attracting customers. We are ready to accompany you from creating a prototype to accepting orders. Moreover, when ordering the "development + promotion" complex, you get a nice discount. Therefore, it is not only convenient but also beneficial for you ✌️