About the project

About the project

  • The online school WEB DESIGN GURU, which teaches web design, asked us for the service SEO promotion of its corporate site, on the recommendation of one of our clients. Previously, the site was not promoted, so we did all the work from scratch.

    During the first discussion of the project, we demonstrated our expertise in this area to the customer, even without analyzing the scope of the project, as this is one of the areas of our team - web design development. After 3 months of hard work, the site began to receive the first tangible results in the form of increased visibility and attendance, and the TOP 10 got a lot of low-frequency and medium-frequency queries. And this result has already given our customers a good and stable flow of orders. Further work we focused on the output of the most complex high-frequency queries and after the 6th month of promotion got the result of 36% on the most requested queries in the search engine Google ✌️
  • Type of site: Corporate website
  • Task: Increase the number of calls to the company
  • webdesguru.com

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