About the project

About the project

  • The owner of the store LAVKA IGR has asked us for an audit and further SEO promotion of their online store, which specializes in selling table games, which is not a simple and rather narrow niche.

    SEO work on the site has already been done, but after the analysis, it was decided to start from scratch, as it would take much more time to fix and correct. During the first 2 months of work, we formed and developed a new site structure, and conducted internal and external optimization. The next step was to implement the filtering functionality in the catalog and to improve the usability of the product card. Also, backlinks of the site was very weak and 80% consisted of rental links. After 4 months of work, we increased the percentage of quality, and eternal links and diluted the site anchor sheet with commercial and non-commercial anchors. All this in the complex helped to significantly increase the search queries in the issuance, increase the total traffic on the site, and, consequently, the sales of the store ☝️
  • Type of site: E-Commerce
  • Task: Increase sales and search positions
  • lavkaigr.ru

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