About the project

About the project

  • The audit of the online store KITCHEN PROFI, before starting work, allowed us to eliminate the weaknesses of the site and, as a result, the ability to carry out further SEO promotion more effectively.

    Work on the site was already done by another specialist and some result of this work was, but it did not meet the needs of the customer. We have done an additional collection of the semantic kernel, made correct clustering, completely changed and universalized metadata rewrote all text on the site that did not meet SEO requirements, created a new correct schedule of purchasing links, and much more. In a short period, we have achieved that the pages of the site began to be much faster and better indexed by the search engine, and keywords are more active to go to the TOP. Previously, the TOP search engine Google included 8% of requests, after 4 months of our work the figure was already 37%, and the visit to the site increased from 781 to 16 743 people ☝️
  • Type of site: E-Commerce
  • Task: Take a leading position in Google’s search engine
  • kitchen-profi.ru

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