About the project

About the project

  • We received an interesting and at the same time complex project - to develop the design of the site for a new NFT game called EIMOLAD, which will be further implemented with the help of blockchain technology.

    Having studied in detail the prototype of the game itself, its characters, the story, the interface, and the personal wishes of the customer, we started work. It was held in very close communication with both the developers of the game itself and the focus group of the customer. Although this direction is quite complicated, for a beginner in the field of NFT, we managed to make the interface of the entire site intuitive and clear. Also in the design is the whole atmosphere of the game world, with its locations, characters, and history, which the customer laid as the basis. All this allows you to present the new NFT game EIMOLAD at a high level and thus attract the attention of new players ✌️
  • Type of site: Game service
  • Task: Create a website design to present a new NFT game

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